What does a Automated gate system cost?

    The total cost of a automated gate system depends on a number of factors. But the main items which can dramatically affect the price are the gates and the amount of groundwork involved.

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Can I do the system in stages?

    Yes, each installation is split three main sections:

    • Ground & building work
    • Gates & support posts
    • Automation equipment

    We often carry out installations in stages so as to accommodate customer’s budgets or schedules.

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Will I need new Gates?

    If you currently have gates, then they can usually be modified to allow automation. However the age and strength of the gate will depend on the amount of modification and the additional cost involved. Some customers find it more economical just to buy new gates.

    Automatic gates are built to work with the operator and will be stable throughout use. Gates that have not been made with automation in mind may sway, or be less stable in operation. This can affect the performance and life expectancy of the system.

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Can I do any of the work myself ?

    We are happy with customers doing part of or all of the work themselves.

    We can complete the whole installation for you, or supply you a kit to allow you to do it yourself.

    If a customer wants to do part of the job themselves (i.e running cables, ground work) then drawings and specifications will be provided.

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How long does it take to get a system?

    If all the required items are in stock and the gates are in situ then the system could be installed in a few days. However time should be allowed for items such as gates and their auxiliary items to be manufactured and installed and any ground work to be completed.

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Does power need to be run to the gates?

Will I need a builder?

    We have our own in-house builders to complete your building needs (ground work, hanging gates, building walls, paving, drive work etc). This service is very useful as our team is highly experienced and therefore a more accurate job is often achieved first time.

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Can I only have the gates offered?

    Customers can have "off the shelf" gates or sit down with us and design their own in metal or timer. All bespoke gates are treated to protect them from external elements.

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What sort of gate is right for me?

    If a customer is having a new gate with their installation then we will always sit down with them and go though the options.

    Normally the main considerations are:

    • Security.
    • Aesthetics.
    • Privacy
    • Type of automation wanted

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Are my existing support posts/piers suitable?

    Unless the posts/piers were designed for automatic gates, they will normally need modification to some degree to support the operators for the automated system. If the pillars are old or were not designed for automatic gates, we would always recommend strengthening them.

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Are the gates secure when closed?

    Automatic gates tend to be secure when closed. But it depends on type of operators being used and the type of gates. Security can be increased by the user of supplementary locks (magnetic locks etc.) on top of the standard operator locking.

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What are the range on the fobs?

    A typical range for fobs is up to around 85 meters. This can be affected by environmental conditions. the range can be increased by using larger aerials and boosters.

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How reliable can a system be?

    The reliability of a system depends on the quality of the components used, the quality of the build and the environmental conditions. The reliability is also affected by how often the system is serviced.

    If the system is installed properly and quality components are used, there is no reason why the system should not last for years.

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Can the gates close on a car or person?

    It is always possible if the object is moving quickly though the gates but with the correct positioning of sensors the possibility of this happening can be greatly reduced. It is worth noting that most operators have an inbuilt safety feature, where if too much pressure is being asserted by the gates then a safety pin within the operators will snap and prevent to much damage from occurring.

    Most damage we come across tends to be from vehicles driving into the gates, so sensors should be positioned to prevent this happening as much as possible.

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What happens when visitors or deliveries come?

    There are numerous methods available, ranging though (keypads, buttons and automatic sensors etc)

    The use of video/audio intercoms provides one of the best solutions for both security and convenience.

    But ultimately it depends on the situation of the gates and sercuity needed for each particular site.

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How do my visitors leave?

    There are numerous methods available, including (keypads, buttons and automatic sensors etc.)

    It depends on the situation of the gates and sercurity needed for each particular site.

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How do my gates close?

    Gates can be sent to automatically close when the vehicle or person passes a certain point, after a set amount of time or when the user presses a button. Other options are available, For further information please contact us.

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How do we get in or out if there is a fault?

    All Systems have a manual backup feature of some description. Some automatically switch to manual when a fault is detected, others require the use of a override release key to enable manual operation.

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Do automatic gates need maintenance?

    All automated gate systems, no matter what the environment will need some form of maintenance each year. The amount and type of maintenance will depend on the system.

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Who will look after my system?

    We recommend that automated gate systems are regularly checked and serviced at least annually.

    Our service personnel will be happy to arrange servicing visits for either our own systems or those installed by other people.

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Do you maintain other people’s systems?

    Yes. We are happy to service, repair and maintain systems that were not installed by ourselves.

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What happens during a power cut?

    Most gate operators have a manual release. which "unlocks" the gate and allows it to be pushed open.

    We also manufacture a backup power device that allows the gate to operate normally during a power outage.


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