Automatic Gates Access Control

Controlling who has access to your property can be as simple or complex as you like. Solutions range from “simple” infra red beams, so when they are broken, the gate or door opens. All the way though to biometrics, where your finger print or retina is scanned.

In most residential and even commercial Automated Gate installations the most common type of Access System is the “fob” where the user presses a button on their fob to open a gate or door.
We offer a large variety of Access Control solutions, below are a small selection of those.

GSM Gate Openers

You dial a pre-set phone number, if the unit recognises your phone number it opens the gate or door. (Note: the unit does not answer the call so there are no call changes)

GSM Intercom

When someone (visitor / delivery man) presses your intercom, instead of ringing a phone in your house it will phone your mobile phone no matter where you are. If you want to, you can even open the gates to allow them access during the call.

Remote Control Fobs

Each user is given a fob, when the fob’s button is pressed the gate or door opens. Some fobs have multiple buttons that you can assign to different uses. For example you can open your gates and your garage door from the same fob.

Under Ground Loops

A special cable is buried underneath the drive.  When a vehicle is detected the gate or door is opened. This is usefully if you are worried about pets tripping the gates to open.


A key pad is placed near the opening, when the user enters the correct code the gate or door is opened.

Proximity Detector

A sensor is placed near the opening, if it detects that the the vehicle or person is carrying the the correct tag then the gate or door is opened.

Swipe Card / Fob

A reader is placed near the opening, when a valid card or fob is “swiped” across the reader it opens the gate or door.

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